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The e-commerce is the future of the world’s economy; it holds the fulfillment to the cliché of a global
village where people from different parts of the world can do business without discrimination. For
an online store to thrive, however, there is a need for a virtual marketplace where buying and
selling can take place. Such an e-commerce platform should be a place where buyers and sellers
are free to interact without limiting rules and regulations; a place where everyone is free to do
business like in their local economy.

In reality, not all marketplaces are created the same; if you are familiar with e-commerce sites, you
will agree that not many of them can be said to meet the above description of what a good online
the marketplace should be.


Shopping online, in this golden age of global economic interaction, is a right and not a luxury! The
way the world economy is going, there would come a time when more than 70% of your purchases
would be online related and delivered by a seller thousands of kilometers away. It shouldn’t matter
the location of the buyer and seller, what matter is to have a marketplace that is ready to satisfy all
players and accommodate all!
The best e-commerce marketplace is a platform with multi-channel selling capability to give every
visitor a fair share of what they need with unique user experience to feel at home transacting in the
marketplace. It’s a market designed to with potential buyers and sellers anywhere they may be
across the globe.
A multichannel marketplace has an inbuilt strategy that honors:

1. Consumer choice;
2. Purchase patterns and Platform usage.
A multichannel marketplace harmonizes various touch points with a single of each customer to
deliver tailored and interlocking user experience.


Traditionally, a marketplace should offer the following functionalities:

o Transactions
o Returns & refunds
o Shipping
o Multiple vendors management
o Payment and commission processing and disbursal etc.
o High-level server capability to take care of Slashdot effect

However, the best marketplace should feature the following:

o Responsive &Mobile Friendly – small screens are king today
o Customized Front-end – the first impression is hard to beat
o SEO – For organic traffic
o Product Suggestions – Guide them
o Instant Search – People are impatient
o Shop by Brand or Vendor
o Order Management – Your High Five moment
o Marketing & Analytics – To stuff your bank
o Shipping – The Aha moment
o Payment Processing – Secure money transaction is important
o Performance statistics – It matters a lot
o Smart filter to offer only the right products
o Multichannel Sales – Covers all touch points
o Selling products on online marketplaces
o Managing orders in one place
o Reaching millions of consumers throughout Europe
o Always offer the right price and the right stock
o Automatic product synchronization
o Update order shipping and tracking information


Selecting the right online marketplace is very challenging for an online seller. While worrying about
the listing fees and policies, you also need to consider placing your products under the right
category trees designed for your products. Each marketplace also caters to a specific audience
and buyer community who must be the people you are targeting to sell your products.

For you to find the right e-commerce platform to establish your retail offer, the natural steps to take

o Search the market to compare existing marketplaces to choose the best;
o Consider the listing fees if it’s good enough;
o Consider multiple listing if you envisage large stock listing;
o Test the market to know if what you finally chose is good.
Sometimes, when shopping for a marketplace, we just follow the crowd and choose a platform
used by the crowd and discover things are not as they look before we joined. Evidently, the

commerce is at its infancy which means the world is yet to see the full potential of the InfoTech-
driven global commerce; what we think is the best today might be a child’s play compared to what is to come.

Therefore, here is what should shape the character of the best e-commerce marketplace:
o It should be a place for everyone to feel at home. It is disheartening and incongruent with the
tenet of global village concept, the happenings on some e-commerce sites, where individual
countries and people are disallowed from participation. The best platform is one that does not
discriminate against country or people as long as the country does not so choose;

o Easy payment system. The best platform should make it easy for financial transactions on its
platform by providing an adequate and secure payment system that customers from anywhere
in the world can make payment irrespective of their national currency.

o Availability of quality products for everyone. Sellers around the world should be able to sell
products from household items to personal and lifestyle products within the legal boundary on
the platform. It should be a one-stop shop for everyone to go to for whatever they want.

o Product delivery to any part of the world should be an integral, feature of the marketplace
where buyers can confidently to order what they want and receive their product without delay
or story after purchase.

o Advanced product search filter. The potential buyer has the problem of time and attention; with
so many things competing for the little time the average buyer has, the best marketplace
should make it possible and easier to find what they want without troubles.

o Best checkout experience. Many buyers have had to abandon the cart when the checkout
process is ambiguous and unfriendly. The best marketplace should put in place enhanced
checkout system to conclude transaction within seconds of cart checkout initiation and let the
user walk away in confidence his purchase is successful with follow up email and notification
about shipping.

o After sales services. The success of e-commerce and indeed all commercial activities is repeat
buying; the best marketplace should provide a customer engagement system to continue
interacting with the client for more up-sell and relevant offers to initiate a new transaction.

o Users guide for effective use of a marketplace platform. An e-commerce marketplace is a
product of cutting-edge internet technology with features and program design to enhance user
experience. The platform needs a user guide to show merchants how to set up their product
listing and direct visitors on how to get the product they need.


The numbers of e-commerce retailing sites are growing as more market gap become noticeable.
You have seen tens of e-commerce sites Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Jet,
and Eshopship. Many more are still being expected as e-commerce expands inbound and capacity.
Every new marketplace has something unique to offer to make up for the shortcoming of the
previous one. For this discussion, we will take a full review of to see what it has in
stock for merchants and shoppers around the world.


Eshopship marketplace is one of the best new breed e-commerce sites to help entrepreneurs create
a reliable online store to start a profitable e-commerce business. The online store was launched in
2015 with the aim to provide a high-quality product to its customers around the world.
Owned by Alphaecom Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd, the global marketplace is located at Lahore,
Pakistan. The platform is structured to provide high-quality user experience to both buyers and
sellers with a guarantee that everyone would find what they need each time they visit the site. The
Eshopship marketplace is on a mission to fill the gaps noticeable in existing e-commerce market
and continues to research for new ways to improve its user’s experience. It’s a home of
exceptional retail services and excellent customer service.

The global economy is facing radical transformation of disruptive technology, and there is no hiding
from the fact that the only sustainable commerce today is online buying and selling. Therefore,
Eshopship understands the right of everyone to buy and sell online, thus offering its platform to
everyone to do business irrespective of where you are.

The Eshopship marketplace is striving to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices,
and ship them to buyers regardless of where they are located around the world. It’s a platform with
a wide range of product including shoes, bags, jewelry, jackets, mobile accessories, toys, kids’
clothes, leather bags, and many other items are sold.

Merchant or vendors and buyers from around the world are free to join the marketplace, especially
Pakistan e-commerce stakeholders who want to sell their product locally and around the world. You
can sign up as vendors to compete with the rest of the world.

There are three classes of online entrepreneurs is designed to serve:

o If you are starting an online business and need a marketplace where you will be treated
with respect and as a partner;

o If you are not getting the deserving service on your current platform and need a platform
where your efforts will be very well compensated;

o If you are denied a place on the platform because of your location and you cannot even
appeal the unjust treatment.


Pakistan is among the fastest growing e-commerce economy, and it is expedient for vendors to be
positioned to benefit from growing awareness of online business where Pakistani buyers are
adapting to online shopping like their counterpart around the world. A study shows that buyers tend
to buy from sellers who are from their location; this will be an excellent opportunity for sellers to
attract more local customers and strike a good trading relationship.

Store owners can sell to local customers as if you are selling from next door store because of the
speed at which the platform delivers the product. Eshopship continues to expand its worldwide
coverage by expanding and reaching underserved market every day

If you are new or existing merchants who have been denied the use of a certain platform because of
your location, you will find this platform hugely beneficial to realize your e-commerce dream by
coming on board; this is a truly global marketplace where everyone is welcome to do business
without undue restrictions or intimidation.


As mentioned in preceding discussions, the best e-commerce marketplace needs to innovate to
correct the anomalies in old e-commerce facilities. The unique qualities of Eshopship are in its
unique characteristics which are so compelling that is causing the old brigades to make policy
changes. These are the features of the Eshopship marketplace:

o Serving the un-served markets. Eshopship marketplace provides Opportunity to Pakistani
vendors to sell locally and most importantly globally using the platform. Eshopship has the
policy to localize its marketplace to extend the global opportunity to everyone in their local

o Free registration, zero subscription fees. The huge advantage of the virtual marketplace is
‘almost zero cost’ of market presence, unlike brick and mortar where the cost of land, taxation,
advertising, and various other costs are almost prohibitive and shoot up the cost of doing
business. Since e-commerce has eliminated such costs, it is natural to let the merchants share
part of the freebie and pay only when they sell on the platform; to join Eshopship and list your
products for sale is free!

o Free product listing. While other platforms may see product listing as a source of revenue,
Eshopship sees it as a service to deliver to sellers on its platform. Never again should you pay
to list your product!

o Pay only on product sold. This is good news for all vendors; you can start your online store
today without a dime, and until you start earning, you don’t have to pay anything on the
product you display for sale!

o Lowest commission. Selling on Eshopship marketplace gives you the opportunity to keep most
of your profit by pays just a fraction as commission; this compared to most Pakistani
marketplace is the lowest you can find.

o 100’s of categories to list your products. The marketplace offers a single interface for vendors
and sellers to manage their products for local and global markets; whether selling in your
location or faraway places, you have the same interface to manage your store.

o Easy to use dashboard. You can add and update your store items with ease through the seller
dashboard which allows you to add in bulk or individuals as required. The platform offers
flexibility and allows you to create sub-account with limited privileges within your dashboard to
manage different functionalities such as inventory management et al.!

o New members join from time to time. The e-commerce marketplace welcomes new members
who join weekly and monthly to increase the reach of the site to cover more location and
attract more customers.

o Multichannel marketplace. Eshopship is a multichannel facility with multiple touch-points to
meet potential customers in their natural abode. The site continually promotes on social media,
local news media, blogs, syndicated marketing, and advertising to boost visibility and reach
more underserved people across the world.

o Easily customizable. Eshopship’ admin and seller dashboard are user-friendly designed to be
entirely self-serve. New sellers are guided through a step-by-step tutorial on how to customize
your marketplace and how the features work.

o Affordable marketplace. While other marketplaces only offer a limited time trial, you can start
right away without paying a dime, and it will remain so until you begin to make money where
you then pay very low commission.

o Reliable customer support. Users always get help from the untiring customer support team who
are available to solve any issue on a 24/7 basis.

o Regular & instant feature updates. As the global market need continues to change, so is the
feature to meet the new reality changing; as soon as new features are created, new updates are released to keep everyone in the know and guide them to adjust to the new reality which is always about progress for your store.

o Secure and multiple payment systems. One of the banes of e-commerce is having the payment
systems that are accepted worldwide; the way Eshopship solves this problem is by offering
more payment options to ease the payment trouble on its platform.


o Free Shipping. Eshopship undertakes free shipping to the following countries and hopes to add
more countries with time: USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, UAE, Saudi, Other countries are
added from time to time, confirm from customer support to updated list of free shipping

o Return & Exchange. The marketplace offers a reasonable return policy, read the terms and
conditions on return to understand your position with the return of an item bought.

o Quality Products. Eshopship thoroughly checks the quality of the goods on the platform and
work only with reliable suppliers to receive the best quality product.

o Secure Shopping. Shopping on Eshopship marketplace is comfortable, secure and user-
friendly. The financial transaction is delivered with cutting-edge safety technology to ensure

your fund is safe and guide against all forms of internet payment issues.


Eshopship is a multichannel oriented marketplace designed to provide first to none e-commerce
services to its sellers and buyers worldwide. Although everyone is welcome, the marketplace is
focused on serving the underserved population and accommodates people who have been denied
the benefits of e-commerce because of their location. You should be on this platform if you are:

1. Sellers and buyers from Pakistan. If you are a Pakistani merchant wanting to sell to the world
and in localities across Pakistan, or if you are from other places around the world but have
been rejected from opening a store in any e-commerce marketplace, you should join Eshopship

2. If you have the idea of selling a niche product online. E-commerce is the answer to world
unemployment, and Eshopship is offering everyone the opportunity to come on board even if
you don’t have the money to start; you can set up your store immediately and start selling. You
will only pay a commission when you start making money.

3. If you are tired of your current marketplace. Starting a marketplace is not the problem; the real
challenge is getting people on the platforms to buy. Eshopship is a multichannel platform with
well-reached touch points to reach customers wherever they may be. You will not lack sales
ever again when you come onboard.

4. Personalized service. Eshopship is reputable for local advertising helping to reach the local
market where you can meet more local buyers for your products.


You can sing up with Eshopship right away! You can start here to open a new account.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach on [email protected]


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List of Websites to Sell Your Products Online in Pakistan – Online Marketplaces

Pakistan Online Marketplace Sites


Almost anyone, selling almost anything, will be able to run a business on Marketplace site. If you’re a small seller, this can be a bit more of a challenge, as there will be others selling in large quantities making pricing very competitive. That’s where you need to make sure you’re selling the right products.

One of the best ways to get ahead in a competitive space like this is to do a little market research into what you want to sell before you commit time, energy, and capital to actually selling it.

You can simply select a category (or select “all” categories), filter your products to see the ones with the highest success rate for the lowest competition, and you’ll see some top options for you.

If you create your own products, then by all means go ahead and list them and see how you go. So if you’re not making your own unique goods, stock up on the supplies.

I thought it worth mentioning that there are a few other sites like this one now, claiming to have more unique goods than websites like Daraz and ishopping. One in particular are doing very well. If you are interested in tapping into this market, then it could be worth trying your luck with: with a claim like “The Pakistan’s largest marketplace for fashion & accessories,” you’re better off selling apparel, fashion accessories, electronic gadgets, mobile phones & accessories. Eshopship have started vendor on-boarding. Vendors can express their interest by filling the form online.

Eshopship promised to offer some awesome features to vendors/sellers with opportunity to sell their products globally.



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