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How to use ATMs safely in 10 easy steps

ATMs are Auto Banking Machines that makes cash withdrawals a lot easier than procedural banking environments.  Let’s take a look at the use of ATMs in 10 easy steps:


  1. Safety First

If anything look suspicious, try reporting branch manager or look for complaint numbers placed on side walls. Then move to another ATM. Remember, you bank account is directly accessed with the machine. Always finish up before leaving the queue or exiting the ATM room space. There’s a high chance to attract thieves, if you’re carrying a heavy amount with you. Keep your cash safely inside your wallet and don’t forget to check your ATM card.

  1. Insert ATM Card

Once you are at a safer ATM, look for the card reader. You will also find an image showing you how to insert your ATM card inside the card reader. The card will be hold by the machine until the required process is completed. So do not forget to take your card with you before leaving.

  1. Select Language

Select your preferred language from the given options and proceed next.

  1. Enter 4 digit PIN code

This is an important step. Remember, do not share your ATM card PIN code with anyone, if not necessary. The machine will ask you now to enter the PIN code. Always hide the keypad, with your free hand, as you type in your PIN. The thieves are likely to be watching your finger movements through hidden cameras.

  1. Select Transaction Type

Usually an ATM is used for Cash Withdrawal but it can be used for other transactions too. That includes, Deposits, Balance Inquiries, Transfers and Payments. Select from one of the mentioned options as per your requirement.

  1. Select Account Type

After selecting your Transaction Type as Cash Withdrawal, the screen will display Savings Account type and Current Account type for you to select between them. Select your account type carefully.

  1. Enter Withdrawal Amount

Now you will be asked to enter your desired withdrawal amount. Remember, the amount you enter must be less than the total amount in your bank account.

A nominal amount of fee is charged if you are using an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank. The best practice involves using an ATM that is owned by or affiliated with your bank.

  1. Collect Your Cash

Next, collect your cash from the lower slot of the machine known as cash dispenser.

  1. Take Receipt, if needed

The machine will ask if you want to print a receipt of your transaction. You can choose to print or don’t. But remember, the receipt has your account information so never throw it away in a public space. It is recommended to take a print of your receipt if you have deposit a check at an ATM. Keep it until your funds land in your account for safety.

  1. Finish Up

Don’t forget to take your ATM card from the card reader slot. Don’t wait or the machine might suck the card back in. If the machine keeps your card for long, call your bank immediately. Always wait until the process is complete and you see another welcome note on the screen for the next user.

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Listing Type : Other Services
Location : Islamabad
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